Monday, August 24, 2009

Field Trip

Last Monday Tracy called with a plan to help alleviate her boredom. It may have mostly been her boredom, but it was aimed at the kids. She invited us to join them in a trip to the Como Zoo. We ventured there earlier this summer with Mike's mom, but got rained out so we tagged along.

My kids love the zoo. I'm not really much of a zoo fan. Mostly I think it's kind of depressing when I get to the gorilla exhibit and they are just sitting there staring at the wall.

But I lived through walking through that exhibit. I'm not sure that Austin was too impressed when he kept asking for more animals to see. We told him we'd seen them all. We weren't lying. I think he's pretty used to the Minnesota Zoo and it's bigger features.

Tracy is a well prepared mom and she had her two walkers dressed in turquoise so she could easily find them. I gave my kids about 15 minutes to get dressed, help make lunches and be ready. I wasn't thinking child safety. I was thinking, "don't make the toddlers wait!"

Ellie wore her adorable cowgirl hat. I love this hat. But as Tracy says, she looks like George Washington because rarely does she wear it front to back...

And Riley just coasted along with everyone.

We had a picnic lunch there and headed home where my kids tried to keep Tracy's youngest awake the entire ride home. Ellie was zoned, but made it to our driveway. I never did find out if they made it home before the girls fell asleep. All in all a fun way to break up a monotonous Monday routine.

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