Monday, August 17, 2009

SUCH a Boy Moment

Yesterday Jake came into the house and said:

"Mom...we were playing tackle football and..."

And then I looked up and he smiled and shrugged and I saw this:

And I started laughing. And I think he was relieved and started laughing. He said he couldn't find his tooth - it was somewhere in our grass. (And yes...this tooth was supposed to fall out. It's just a little ahead of schedule.)

Last night the tooth fairy didn't visit because there was no tooth. I suggested Jake just leave her a note. He showed me this after breakfast:

"Dear Thooth Fairy I lost my thooth wen I was playing otside. My frend bumt me and my thooth came out and fel into the grass and now I can't find it. To: thooth Fairy From: yer buddy"

He said he really tried to do his best work in his printing. He originally signed it Jacob, but thought that maybe she didn't know his name so he would just sign it as "her buddy" so she wasn't confused.

It still makes me giggle. I guess I've been waiting for an "all boy" moment like this for awhile. It didn't disappoint.

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Anonymous said...

So cute.