Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekend Recap

Let's start with Friday:

Friday a.m.: Jake woke up and said his throat hurt. He'd been saying this for a couple days but was always fine. I told him my throat hurt a lot of mornings from the dry weather, he would live, and get ready for school. So he did and he went.

Friday afternoon: Jake arrives home from school looking a little bedraggled and says his throat still hurt. This was after eating his snack so it was about 4:15. Not wanting to deal with strep all weekend, I called to make an appointment for a strep test that afternoon. Needless to say that wasn't available; but I could get one for 9:20 Saturday morning. I didn't because I had another brilliant plan.

Friday evening: Jake and I headed to Minute Clinic to get him tested for strep! Brilliant! Except it wasn't. It looked like Minute Clinic was going to be anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour wait. So, I called Mike who called the doctor again to confirm a 9:20am appt. Saturday. Jake and I headed to McD's because we needed some spontaneous nourishment. See, Friday they were supposed to be at Grandma and Grandpa's and we were supposed to be on a date eating out at a restaurant. However, as I got to the stoplight something dawned on me and I checked my purse. Sure enough - no wallet. It was home sitting on our counter right where I left it. Very glad I hadn't gotten into Minute Clinic - that would have been embarrassing to get him tested, then be thrown in the clinker for not being able to pay. (Actually, I would have preferred that to the ridicule from Mike if I'd had to call him to drive to Minute Clinic to bring some money!)

Friday night/Early Saturday: Jake had a fever that hovered around 103. We couldn't get it down, despite the couple Tylenol we'd given him. Except when I went to the cupboard a couple hours later to try again, I realized I'd given him Benadryl and not Tylenol. He got the real stuff then and his fever did a little better. We put him to bed and around midnight he woke up screaming and making this incredibly loud, piercing wail. We couldn't figure out how to make him stop or calm down. He was totally incoherent. We had him take a shower and he did better. We thought the fever had broken and we were in the clear. (Note: We discussed this incident on Sunday night and Jake thinks we made it up. He has NO recollection of it.)

Saturday a.m.: Woke up at 8:30 and canceled the doctor appointment. We diagnosed that it wasn't strep, it was probably the flu.

Saturday p.m.: Got home from my book club meeting carrying Chipotle and more Tylenol (and a new pair of workout pants!) We split up the food. Jake proceeded to visit the bathroom several times with explicit details of what was going on. I'll spare you.

Saturday afternoon: EVERYONE takes a nap in their designated areas. Mike slept on the chair in his office. He said he snored so loud he woke himself up.

Saturday evening: Jake still has a temp of around 100 but we can't get him to sit still. We are on our third time of watching "Clone Wars" (Star Wars) and it isn't helping. Jake desperately tried to make it certain that Maddie can still go to church on Sunday even though, "(sniff, sniff) he's too sick to go..."

Sunday a.m.: I am the only one who headed to church. I got home and everyone was still in pajamas. We prepared to watch the Twins play. Jake's fever hovered around 100. Jake tried to reenact every amazing play. If you were in our house you constantly heard, "Jake. Sit." "Jake, you are sick, sit down." "Jake, staying in one place means on your belly or on your butt. It does not mean staying on one cushion but jumping up and down and flipping around."

Sunday p.m.: Mike and I are simultaneously rolling our eyes and trying to come up with a game plan for Monday morning at school time. We take Jake's temp one last time before heading him to an early bedtime and it is at 99.4. We declare him healthy. It was possibly a little high for some people, but Jake is warm blooded so we assume he has a higher body temp than most. Maddie came down at 9pm and says Jake is sick in the bathroom. We get upstairs and he's laying in bed. We asked if he was sick and he tries to hide a smile and rubs his eyes like he's so tired and I mouthed to Mike, "He's faking it." We tell him goodnight...again...and leave.

Monday a.m.: Jake tries to stay in bed. Jake slumps around at breakfast time. Jake tries to pretend he can barely make it from the couch to the table. Jake's eyes keep darting around seeing if Mike and I are noticing his stellar performance. Mike leans on the counter drinking coffee and watching this comedy until finally issuing the command, "Jake, finish breakfast because you ARE going to school." By 7:40 a.m. he was running around in his Vikings sweatshirt talking a mile-a-minute in his play by play of getting dressed.

Monday 8:05 a.m.: Jake leaves for the bus.

Monday 8:10 a.m.: Mike and I start drinking.

Kidding. We did that Sunday night.


Samantha said...

yea i kno how jake feels i have been sick since saturday not sure what i have but i have just about the same symptoms as jake did.. so hopefully i can go to school tomorrow(tues.)

Kerry said...

Hope you feel better, Samantha!