Tuesday, May 25, 2010

All Bets Are Off

Last Friday our kids had an impromptu sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  After dinner and unloading them saying our goodbyes, Mike and I tried to come up with something we could do that would actually qualify as a date.

We decided to head to Canterbury Park which is a local horse-racing park.  Admission is free this year due to their 25th anniversary and we do like cheap dates!  There were eight races that night and we got to see about five of them.

Mike lost his first $2 wager and asked what I would pick on the next one.  To compensate for the loss in revenue of admission, Canterbury now charges for the racing books.  Since we don't know how to read them anyway, we didn't buy one.  I based my guess off what info was on the televisions and we headed out to watch the race.

My horse won on something like 11-1 odds.  The payout was $22!

So, we bet on the second race.  I used my same strategy (which I'm sorry...I cannot disclose it is so scientific) and hoped for the best.

Mike was shocked when my horse started out in the lead; quite frankly so was I because the odds weren't AT ALL in his favor.  Then he slowed down and I started to think he was just fast out of the gates.  Then he started making his comeback and I started cheering like mad!  So did a bunch of other guys behind me and in front of us who had bet on this horse.

And he won!  I was pretty excited; I'd won two bets in a row!  When I looked at the final board, this horse's odds were 30-1.  That's a $65 payout on a $2 bet!

Mike was happy for me.  But not happy happy.  See...when we bet?  We just bet each other - we never actually wagered anything involving real money.  That was actually $87 I would have won...not that I did win.

After that Mike said he didn't want to play our game anymore - it was too depressing.

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