Monday, May 31, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

SUCH a great weekend! 

We took advantage of the three day weekend and did...nothing!  We packed a bag and the cooler and headed out the back door and hung out by our pool for most of it.

Saturday afternoon we were invited to take a ride on my parents' new pontoon.

I didn't waste any time lounging and getting used to hanging out on a lake.

Maddie and Jake loved walking back and forth between the front and the captain's location to learn how deep the lake was as well as what all the knobs and gadgets did.

Our kids alternated between wearing and not wearing a vest.  Jake thought he was pretty awesome in getting this one on himself:

His take on Carol Burnett channeling Scarlet O'Hara

After a spin around the lake Tracy and her crew called to see if they could hop aboard.

This is pretty much how the kids were the entire time...

For the first part of the trip though - Riley hung out in the back with Grandma:

Tracy adjusted to boating well too...

Three amigos...

Riley made it up to the front eventually too...

Though we might have to discuss boating safety.

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