Monday, May 17, 2010

You Should See the Other Guy

Last Friday Sadie had surgery.  She came home Friday afternoon and looked like she'd been beaten up.

I don't think she was feeling too great...

Even Mike couldn't lift her spirits...

Let me translate for her:

"This is humiliating."

"I feel like I've been through the war.  All of them."

"I have the camouflage bandage to prove it.  In pink.  Barf."

"Seriously?  Lady with the camera?  What do you mean how do I feel?  You journalists ask the dumbest questions."

"Now help me onto my bed.  It's too high."

I must say - we all felt sorry for her that first day.  She looked and sounded pathetic.  In fact Mike slept in the family room while she was in the kennel because we weren't sure how she was going to be during the night.  She is feeling much better - though she still looks goofy.  Unfortunately there are endless laughs at her expense:

1.  She cannot go into her kennel normally; the cone is too big for her to move around.  This results in at least one of us making a beeping sound as we gently push her into the kennel.
2.  One of Sadie's quirks is that she loves tight spaces.  She loves to take a nap curled up in a corner or as close to a wall as she can squeeze.  When she walks she cuts corners as close to the edge as possible.  Now?  Now when she cuts corners she ends up running into a wall resulting in her being bounced backward.  She might even try this twice before she realizes she has to take a wider curve.  And we laugh everytime.  I'm sorry...but she looks drunk.

Our conehead will be like this for the next two weeks as she recovers.  Then she'll probably need a therapy session or two.


Murph18 said...

why did she have to have surgery??

Sheri said...

Look at that face. I would totally cave and take the head gear off and just snuggle her. What a little punkin. Your shelves were absolutely gorgeous by the way!! I am VERY impressed.