Monday, May 24, 2010

Spring Recital 2010

Sunday was the recital for my piano students.  They all did great!  But, since I have to be the piano teacher there and can't show favoritism, I'm going to be the mom here and say how proud I was of Maddie and Jake!  They each had a piece that was difficult, but which they learned fairly quickly.  I'm going to have to stump them with even harder pieces next year!  (That was Jake you heard groaning in the background...)

Mike is in charge of photography at these events.  This is Jake's "normal" smile when asked to pose:

I'd bet this was followed by, " for real," from Mike.

One of Maddie's best friends takes lessons from me (note: she did great too!).

 Without further's our star performers.

Jake played "Cantina Band" from Star Wars by John Williams.  Shocking, I'm sure!

Madison played "Dizzy Fingers" by Zez Confrey.  She requested to learn this piece a couple months ago which was fine by me; I love to play this piece!

And Mike - he's still refusing to take lessons from me.  But he's a trooper - it's not easy being the family of a piano teacher.  You hear a lot of wrong notes before you start to hear the good stuff.  You also hear a LOT of the same songs week in and week out.  I think Mike's always a little happy at recital time because it means a new rotation of songs begin.

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Linda Rasmussen said...

Good job, Jake and Maddie!!