Thursday, May 20, 2010

How Would You Like Your Eggs?

Saturday morning Mike decided he was in the mood for eggs.  This thrills the kids; they love eggs.  I'm not a huge egg fan and it doesn't help that Mike and I are at odds on egg cooking.  He's a great cook in a lot of things, but I find his eggs on the dry side.  He calls mine runny.  They aren't runny...they don't slosh around.  Mine just don't happen to have any and all moisture sucked out of them.  He told me if I'd eaten the eggs he did in the army then I would eat dry eggs too.  Whatever...I'm not a huge egg fan, but less so when Mike's making them.

No matter who makes them though, we all have our favorite toppings.

Mike:  boring.  He prefers salt and pepper.

Maddie:  She prefers syrup on her eggs. 

Me?  I prefer eggs with ketchup on them, thanks to my dad.  Delicious!

Jake?  He used to like them with ketchup.  I think this really disturbed his Grandma Murphy when he first asked for this.  It might still really disturb her.  Now she might just ban him from her kitchen when she finds out he likes:

Ketchup and syrup.  [Shudder]  Even I'm disturbed by this.  And he actually ate it all.

Stop by for breakfast whenever.  We'll have all the condiments ready and waiting!


The Pats said...

Ketchup on scrambled eggs is good, but I had a friend that liked ketchup on his eggs that were cooked over easy. It looked terrible, but he said it tasted good. I go with Mike and only need salt and pepper, a lot of pepper.


Carol said...

Skip the eggs and just have sausage dipped in syrup. Yum!

Kristy said...

Funny. Matt and I are the same way with eggs...he adds milk when he scrambles them and I like them dry. I'm with Mike on that one!