Saturday, December 11, 2010

Polar Opposites

Mike requested I post this:

He said, "Post a picture and say, 'This is Hell'".

So...when you threaten Mike with "It'll be a cold day in Hell when..."  He'll simply tell you, "I've already been there."

His son?  A complete oppostie.  We are getting a lot of snow today.  At this point you can't even tell that we did shovel the driveway (rather...sort of shoveled, our neighbor lent us his snowblower.  Thank you.  We owe them an entire winter of snowblowing at this piont.)

Anyway - Jake was incredibly anxious to get outside this morning at 8:00am when he found out his church practice had been cancelled.  We told him to get outside while he can because temps are dropping throughout the day.

This is Jake at the bottom of the driveway.  He was a little frustrated when he realized that the fort/hole/airplane he'd been working on since the last snowstorm had been filled in with last night's accumlation.  But, he headed back out and started digging all over again.

Mike and I sat and watched him for awhile.  It makes me giggle to see him playing outside.  All Mike could say was, "He's insane."

But, the more I watched him play, the more I realized how much fun it looked like.  So, I bundled up as did Maddie and we headed outside for a bit of fun in the snow.  I pulled and flung them around in the sled, we dug more in Jake's fort, and Maddie and I fell backwards in the snow only to realize we couldn't get up afterwards without almost having to face plant.

All worth it because after a bit when Jake finally announced he was frozen, we headed inside for delicious hot chocolate with three marshmallows. 

And being the gracious people we are, we offered to make Mike some.  I said, "Would you like hot chocolate...even though you didn't really earn it?"

He declined.

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