Wednesday, December 22, 2010

She Gets COAL

On our list of things to do today is pick up some last minute gifts - a couple being for the dog.  Maybe.

This morning the kids found her under the tree.  She'd found Mike's Christmas present and broken into it.

It's a beer making kit - SURPRISE, MIKE!!  Maddie, for some reason, thought this was a gift to me, so she ran and got Mike. 

This gift took me an hour to drive to and figure out the store's location because they moved and didn't tell me.  It involved a phone call to my mom to look up the address because I was sure I was in the wrong spot.  All during the last snowstorm that dropped 5 inches here.

Now I not only have to replace this - with hopefully just buying the grains she ATE - but I have to find another Christmas present for Mike so he actually has something to open that he won't have to pretend being surprised over.

Fa. La. La.


Sheri said...

Any doggy diarrhea yet? Sorry, but it was giggle worthy.

Carol said...

Some day you will look back on this and laugh. Maybe.