Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas #3 2010

Monday we headed back to Minnesota to have our final Christmas celebration - our celebration!

Really, we were all exhausted.  We had a lot of late nights in Iowa, 6+ hours in a car, reuniting with our darling dog, and unpacking the car.

Once we got downstairs and started in, we found some energy.

Santa had stopped by -

We were all surprised by giant candy bars.  Y.U.M.

We got right to opening. 

Ladies first.  Sadie received a new chew toy from us.  An hour later she'd already torn out one of the ropes.  This dog is vicious with toys.

I was thrilled to find a laser parking stopper in my stash.  My friend, Stacey and I had spotted one at Target.  I've been begging for years to get SOMETHING that will tell me when I'm in the garage enough to clear the door, but still allow room for me to walk through.  I'll keep everyone posted if this works.

This is Maddie reaction to below:  "Great!  Ummm...what is it?"

Honestly, it's an iPod charger.  It was one of those "You-definitely-NEED-this-but-don't-know-it-yet" gifts.

It was also one of those "You-had-a-lot-of pricier-gifts-so-we-needed-something-cheap-to-stay-equal-in-gift-quantity."

Jake was TOTALLY thrilled to get a real toolbox...

Which included real tools!

My parents to the rescue.  They picked up Mike's second gift from me (courtesy of Sadie...) and placed it under the tree for him.

It's a pair of jumper cables which we really could have used last week when I left his car lights on for 10 minutes and killed his battery.  At 8:15am.  At Target.  When Jake had to be to school at 8:25am.  Thank goodness Target is 5 minutes from school and Mike works from home!

Each year, each kid gets one big gift.  This year Jake's gift was a compound bow.  A real one.  He was pretty excited.  We were happy to see this because for about two weeks before Christmas he kept coming up with all sorts of new "favorite" items he wanted off his list.  We finally just gave up and hoped for the best.

Maddie opened her gift and was a little confused to find a teeny package.  We said, "What does it say it is?"

And she read that we had given her "Guitar Picks".  Which could only mean...

And with that, Christmas officially came to a close for the Murphy's. 


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