Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Leftover Decorations

Almost everything is out for Christmas.  Things don't really change around these parts from year to year.  Maybe a few placements, but that's about the brunt of it.  That was - until I made this door wreath.  Now each season or holiday I feel a challenge.

Well, as we were hanging the last few decorations, we had this one thing that just didn't have a spot on the wall.  Mike offered to put a new nail up, but I told him that unless he was offering to buy me a new picture to put over that nail after Christmas, than it wasn't an option.

Then I looked at our front door and knew exactly where it could go! 

This afternoon I pulled out more ribbon.  I liked the layered look from our fall layout, so I kept the twine and a green ribbon.  I found the perfect red ribbon color-wise, except it was about 10 inches shorter than I needed.  That left a large opening in the bottom of the wreath.

I found the ribbon I used last year and decided to make a bow.  How hard could it be with the 'ol trusty internet to guide my way? 

Hard.  Bow making is a pain in the tookus.  Finally by finding the floral wire bread twist-tie, I was able to keep the loops together. 

Family FYI:  We are going to need to finish those last slices of bread tout suite.

And here is the final Christmas 2010 rendition...

This marks one year with this wreath.  We'll see how many more ideas I can come up with before my brain explodes.

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Sheri said...

It looks great Kerry! I love that wreath. I have your directions printed out, and laying next to my bed, but I just haven't gotten it made yet. When is it that life slows down a little????