Friday, January 7, 2011

My Baby is Growing Up!

I joined this online site called - I'm supposed to upload one picture per day.  So far I've made it, but it's day seven so I'm not slapping myself on the back yet.  BUT...I figure this will push me to take pictures and practice with my camera.

To that end, over snacks today I asked Maddie if I could take her picture.  I thought for sure she'd roll her eyes, but she shrugged her shoulders and agreed.  We didn't do anything for a special set-up.  She just sat in her chair and I shot from there.  Those turned out okay - the goal was sharp eyes and I got those.

Then she started suggesting different poses and I just went with whatever she suggested.  Good photos of my 11 year old that she's proud of?  OKAY!

Maddie liked this shot a lot.  But we were trying to pick ONE that we both liked.  She wasn't sure it was this one.

I LOVED this one.  I almost vetoed her decision but she was ADAMANT that I not use this one. 

I love the hint of a smile.  I think I heard her say something about chipmunks and two front teeth.  So ridiculous.  It's call a smile.

She was trying to be serious.  I was taking forever to get things right.  She was trying desperately to hold back a laugh.

This was a "good eye" shot.

We both really liked this shot too.  Except she didn't like her hair.  We tried to replicate this but never got it accomplished.  Jake actually said, "You look like you are strangling yourself."  Brothers.

This is a typical Maddie pose, I think.  I had her hair hanging forward and she pulled it all behind her ears and leaned over. 

I thought we were done at this point.  I thought for sure she'd beg me to finish.  But, I asked if there was anything else she could think of and she leaned over and I fixed her hair some.  I think she just wanted me to brush her hair again.  She's her aunt's niece, for sure!

But when she saw this one she was SO excited about the curl in her hair.  This was ALMOST picked.  Still one of my favorites.

See that white blur on the bottom?

That's our dog.  She was done with Maddie ignoring her and was trying to hop up.  Hence Maddie's giggle.  Really blurry, but I love it.

I like this one too...but my favorite part is the chipped fingernail polish.

All that being said (and photo-documented)'s the one we both chose:

She's 11.  And-a-half.  Yesterday she was two with chubby cheeks and the cutest voice ever!  I think I'm going to have to go find some of those pictures to console myself.


Sue H said...

adorable! you both did an excellent job.

Sheri said...

Oh Kerry! There are so many cute ones. I don't know how you narrowed it down to one. I would have been doing a big time collage, or a weekly series on 365. I'm so used to seeing Maddie smile, so those are obviously my favorite. Her eyes sparkle when she smiles. Yep, you're going to need some consoling. I still remember dressing her in a frilly bonnet and taking her to Ashley's dance class with me. Man that time went fast. :(

The Pats said...

Maddie's smile is too cute not to be my favorite.