Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bad to Worse

Mike is pretty great.  He's very smart, he's a hard worker, he's nice and he is respectful.  I really couldn't have asked for a better husband.

However.  He does have the occasional flaw and I will let you in on the one that is currently driving me the most crazy:  He does not shut cabinet doors in the kitchen.  I don't know how he can't NOT shut the door.  It seems to me it should be a knee-jerk reaction.  Open the door, take out object, close the door.  It's less than a three second process, really.

Yet, he doesn't.  I've begged, I've stared in amazement, I've made fun of him.  He thinks it's hysterical because I don't think he's really trying to drive me crazy, it just never crosses his mind.

But it's gotten worse.  The other day Jake and I were home alone and I walked around the corner to find this:


Four doors AND THE MICROWAVE DOOR open!  Oh. My. Lord.

This morning as Mike sat down to eat his Cheerios and I turned around and SLAMMED the door shut he left open, then watched as Jake left a wake of open cabinet doors while he made toast, I addressed the assembly:

"Attention Boys of this Household: SHUT THE DOOR after you open them.  Watch...[I went through the process of extracting something from the cupboard].  Any questions???"

And they had the audacity to giggle.  Like I was joking.

And then Mike headed downstairs for work after refilling his coffee cup and getting more sugar from the cupboard.  And proceeded to laugh when I stomped over to him and said, "REALLY??" after he left the cupboard door open.  He hadn't even realized he'd done it.

My only hope for Jake is that he'll be cured when he's tall enough to knock his head into the corner of one of these bad boys.  I hold out no hope for Mike.


Sheri said...

I feel for you girl. I think I spent the first ten years of my marriage slamming doors in anger. Eventually it seemed to sink in, but the drawer shutting never has. Never ever ever!!!! :(

Carol said...

I have to say the first thing I noticed was how organized your cupboards are - Wow. Maybe Mike just wants everyone to see how nice that looks.

Mike said...

you have been drinking too much Kerry, your re-enactment is complete way Jake leaves this many doors open :)