Sunday, May 15, 2011


Last week we started cleaning out the backyard...on the one nice day we had.

Sadie took this opportunity to stake out which chair she planned to reside in this summer.

We were actually all impressed with her flexibility.

She did find her seat.  She laid in it about 10 seconds and hopped down to check out the other action going on around her.  We imagine that when we finally get a chance to just hang out she'll be staying in one spot.  If it's like last year, she'll pick a spot that someone is already sitting in and she'll work her way in until that person moves. 

I'm not giving in this year.


Sue H said...

Too funny! Hopefully we'll have another nice day today. The sun looks promising!

Sheri said...

I was getting so worried about you! Glad to see you're back on blogger, and glad to see my email box full. :D Hope everything has been OK the last few weeks, and you've just been busy.