Sunday, May 22, 2011

Track & Field Day

Last week Jake had his Track and Field Day at school.  We couldn't have asked for a nicer day outside - slight breeze and plenty of sunshine!

Each class had a specific t-shirt color they've worn all year.  Jake's is obviously red.  He remembered he needed this t-shirt about three minutes after leaving for the bus.  All the sudden he was running in the house to grab it and put it on before his bus arrived.  I guess it was his warm-up for his track events.

Jake ran the 50 yard dash.

(This photo was actually taken by our neighbor...thanks, Jonda!)

He did pretty good.  He's already asked us when he can go running with Mike and I again around our three-mile loop.  I guess that's on our summer to-do list.

Next up was hula-hoops. 

After a little bit the phy. ed. teacher has them start moving around or doing things to throw them off.

They have to stand with their eyes closed and hands over their heads...

Or walk forward and backward...

Or kneel and get back up...this is the move that got him this year. 

Not bad though.  I can't hula-hoop standing in place so he's clearly better than me!

And Jake had quite a cheering section.  My parents came and Tracy and her girls came as well.

Ellie had the best seat in the house...

She was all "Hollywood" in this shot.  Then she said, " more pictures, please."

Riley wanted a good seat too so she found one...

And then she proceeded to pull out all the hair in Tracy's ponytail.

After the first set of events there is a tug-of-war between the classes.  This is my favorite part.  His phy. ed. teacher goes over the rules and always ends with saying, "Win without bragging, lose without excuses."  I seriously love this saying.  There have been times the last couple years where both kids have brought this up after whatever they've been doing and I think it's a great lesson.

Those kids get a work-out with this!  So does everyone on the sidelines!  There's tons of cheering from the other classes, from the families on the sides and from the teachers.  Tracy and I think there's a little competition between the teachers in this event. 

(Also taken by my friend, Jonda!)

It's a double-elimination tournament so some of these teams are up there 2-3 times.  They are worn out when they are finished!

Jake's class won their first round and made it to the final round.  The other team had to win two times and Jake's class had to only win once.  They lost their first time up.  After that round a couple of the kids, including Jake started yelling something.  I later asked him what he was yelling to the other kids in the group and he said, "I yelled that we can DO THIS if we WORK TOGETHER!"  It just makes me smile to see how into this they all get.  And I love that the kids on the sides and the teachers on the sides are just as enthusiastic...

Jake's class ended up winning their second match and the overall tournament.

You should view this larger to see their faces.  Priceless.  Jake said his teacher was really excited too because her class had never won one of these tug-o-wars. 

Afterward Jake participated in the foxtail throw and the day came to a close.  School functions are winding down and partying is winding up.  Summer will be here before we know it!

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