Monday, May 2, 2011

Hopping Back a Week

I realize Easter was a week ago, but I've been kinda behind on the whole picture thing.

We awoke bright and early.  Well, maybe not "bright" but definitely "early"!  At 6:30am we hauled the kids out of bed, made them run downstairs to look in their baskets and high-tail it back upstairs to get dressed for church.  By 6:55am we were out the door.  Fast turnaround - hence no pictures.

And that makes me sad.  I meant to grab my camera to take some pictures at church and forgot to leave it sitting by my music bag.  Maddie looked lovely in her new dress and Jake looked so handsome in his new suit.  Hopefully we'll have a dress-up opportunity to take a picture again.

Later that afternoon we headed to my parents' house for a delicious meal.

These are recently "acquired" finger puppets.  Recently as in: that morning at church.  They were formerly table decorations at church.  When mom realized they were finger puppets and super cute, she and the kids began collecting all they could find.  Angels, soldiers, a couple Mary's (there was more than one, you know), and what Jake said was a Joseph, though I'm not sure that was biblically correct.  They were especially happy to find Jesus (given place of honor in the very back row).  Hopefully church gets new decorations for next year.

Everyone received an Easter basket and got right to opening.

As Santa Claus had done, the Easter Bunny brought my kids gum.  I will be filing a formal complaint with the Holiday Characters Association.  This needs to stop.

The Runchey kids all received a new chair for Easter.  Riley loved hers so much that she carried it everywhere she went.


Next up was the egg hunt. I guess Katelyn had called my mom earlier in the week because she wanted to make sure that grandma and grandpa were going to be having an egg hunt.

Everyone had to receive their instructions on the egg hunt.

I think everyone had 5-6 eggs to find.  Certain kids had certain colors.  Some eggs were easier to find than others, but no matter who found what, there was usually a gasp, a squeal, or a shorter person asking for help to reach the egg they found.

Maddie and Jake's eggs were a little more difficult to find.  First, Maddie had helped hide the younger kids' eggs.  While doing this, she found most of her eggs, so my mom hid hers again.  Jake's eggs were in some unique hiding spots as well.  One was in the bottom of the grandfather clock.  You had to not only peer through the glass to see it, but had to open the door to get it out.  This is a piece of furniture I think we've all tried to keep our kids away from.  Mike and I kept directing Jake to check out the corner but it never dawned on him to look in the clock.  Because their hiding spots were tricky (or because they weren't very good seekers, or because they kept refusing help, or...) our kids took FOREVER to find their eggs.  Mike finally got up, took the egg out of the clock and placed it on the table in full view for Jake to find.

On his 15th pass by us, Jake found the egg and just looked at us.  Mike, Tracy and I all told him it had been sitting there the whole time. 

As he walked away to continue his search he said, "I am soooooo stupid. 

We never did tell him that we moved it.

Once Maddie finally found her eggs, she sat down to cozy up with her newest cousin: Addison.

Austin sat down to cozy up with his mom.

And then we all got up to eat a LOT of food. 

We stuffed ourselves.  Good stuff!  Monday night my family headed back for leftovers and came home with the extra ham and ham bone.  Last week I made Split Pea Soup that my dad and I to share.  That too is gone.  [burp.]

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