Monday, October 10, 2011

Boys and Their Toys

When you walk into our family room there is a high probability that you will see either Legos or Matchbox cars strewn all across the couches.

Things had gotten too far when I walked into the kitchen and they were invading there as well.

All across the counter there were cars.  Jake was walking up carrying even more, complete with sound effects.

I asked what was going on and he proceeded to go into great detail about which car was being chased and which cars were chasing; who was bad and who was good.

This one was on the lamb and found a good hiding spot behind the blender.

I love that Jake still very much enjoys playing with these two types of toys.  I'll give Legos any day of the week as a gift before I'll give something with flashing lights or loud noises.  I love to watch him play and hear about his creations and the minute detail he puts into building these things.  I love to hear the stories associated with all the car chases.  Rarely do I fully comprehend them, but I'm fascinated by them all the same.

That being said, I don't mind the occasional car chase downstairs, but the kitchen counter tops are going to be where I draw the line.

When I came down for breakfast the next morning I noticed a stray.  He was hiding behind the coffee maker.  Apparently Jake didn't imagine a Caribou for this car to stop at to reinvigorate itself for a new day of running from the law.

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