Saturday, October 8, 2011

I Bet They Never Imagined!

When Mike's mom died, he inherited a stereo that had always been in their living room and something he'd been really curious to play around with and see if he could get it to work.  I mean, I think it always worked, he just wanted it to work with modern technology.

Mike's brother came across the receipt when we were all looking through old papers.  I believe Kay had purchased this herself back in 1968, possibly 1969.  She also purchased her own house around that same time.  From stories, Mike's dad's family wasn't sure he was ever going to get married.  Maybe Kay wondered too; she wasn't going to wait around for him to decide.  They got married and moved into the house Kay had purchased.

Anyway - the stereo has been sitting in our garage for a month now airing out.  I don't think the inside had been opened more than a handful of times in the 15 years I've been married to Mike.  There were old records (mostly Christmas) from Dean Martin, Perry Como, Tony Bennett and others.  I love this era; I'm going to enjoy those!

Mike was extremely excited ( excited as he's capable of getting) when he found out there was an input (or output?) jack on the back.  He was hopeful this meant he could hook this stereo up to our media center and he'd be able to play his own music through it.

The little black thing on top is his phone.  He told me I HAD to come out and see what he'd done.  I walked into the garage and heard Sting singing in the background.  Mike's phone was playing Pandora radio (Internet radio) through the stereo via those jacks in the back.

Does anyone know how awesome this is!?!? neither, but it seems to be a good sign that it will also hook up to our media center so Mike is a happy man.

I bet the designers of this stereo never thought they would see the day a phone would run their stereo.  I bet they also never thought they would hear a grown man named "Sting" singing through it.


Sue H said...

Cool! Although I think you have to personally own testosterone to be really REALLY excited. I can't wait til our phones was the dishes. Can't be long...

Sue H said...

WASH the dishes