Tuesday, October 11, 2011

They've Finally Arrived!

Last week I went out the front door to get our mail and noticed something new: our middle trellis finally grew the little white flowers I've been waiting all summer for!

I'm going to reiterate: tiny.  I expected flowers on the smaller side, but these are much smaller than I envisioned.  I thought the petals would be slightly fuller.  However, there are a ton of them popping up each day so maybe they'll be small but overwhelming in number!

In thinking back to my purchase of these, the gardener said that these flower types (Clematis) had to be kept in cool soil.  I replaced the rocky area these were planted in with mulch as they directed me to (rock retains heat and is too hot for these flowers).  I can only think that with the cooler weather we've had the last couple weeks, they are finally feeling in their element.  The other two vines are actually doing quite nicely too.  No quantity like this, but definitely more flowers than I've had all summer.

Next summer I'm going to need to be very regimented on the watering thing.  In my world I just water when I remember - which is rarely.  I'm really going to have to get in the habit of watering them every morning to help keep them cooler through the hot days.

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