Monday, October 17, 2011

That Time of Year...

The weather is cooling down...well, it's finally starting to cool down.  A couple weeks ago I headed out with my dad to get their pontoon out of the lake.  It was my job to drive it across the lake and get it onto the trailer.

This job is normally my mom's, but if I helped her, mom could babysit Tracy's girls so Tracy could attend a school event for Austin; it was a complete team effort.

While dad lowered the pontoon I sat on the side drinking coffee and taking an occasional picture.  This pontoon thing was really hard work, I tell ya!

They were one of the last people to get their boat off the dock.  Things were looking pretty skeletal.

Then my dad asked if I would help him get the canopy off the boat overhang.  Sure!  No Problem!  Except, we had to unhook these thing I didn't know about and I went to touch the first one and there were tons of spider webs.  Then the second hook had a giant spider on it and I turned into a girl and said, "Dad!  Aaagh...there's a spider on this one!!"  He said, "Of course there are spiders!"  Then I said, "Omigosh!  You SO owe me for his."

I'm sure my dad rolled his eyes at that.  He owed me?  How many times have my parents babysat our kids, or come and fixed any plumbing problems or helped with last minute sewing things?  But, I think we are close to having paid back...I mean, I touched spider webs.  (I did not, however, touch the dead spider.  Dad did have to handle that one.)

Anyway - dad gave me some last minute instructions for when I got to the other side of the lake, and then stood on the dock and looked at me like he was wondering what I was waiting for.  Then I admitted that this was really about the second time I'd ever driven the pontoon since they've owned it, and just got a quick refresher on what buttons did what.  I wouldn't be surprised if he had been wondering what he'd gotten himself into.

So, I took off at a slow pace because I had a short distance across the lake and my dad had to drive around it.  The leaves were just beginning to change and it was such a pretty view sitting on the calm, quiet water.

What more does a person need on a morning like we had...pretty sights, quiet time, and a cup 'o joe...

There were a surprising number of boaters/fishermen out on the lake.  Surprising to me, at least.

This was the other side of the lake and just as I got to that point, I saw my dad pulling into the parking lot.  Good timing!  I slowed way down to give my dad time to back up.

However, it was a long wait - there were, I think, two boats ahead of him getting in and out of the water.  I just kept puttering around and enjoying the view.

And realizing I really had to go to the bathroom.  Did anyone else see the size of that coffee mug two pictures up?

Finally after what felt like an hour, but was probably only 15 minutes later, it was my turn to try and drive up the trailer.

I'm happy to report that I did my job on the first attempt.  A couple guys waiting to get their boats in the water helped my dad make a few final adjustments and in a bit we were heading back to their house.

I told my dad we should make notes for next year so it goes a little smoother.  Note #1 would be to not drink a large coffee while driving across the lake.


Carol said...

Are you volunteering for that job next year because I would be thrilled!

Dan said...

I suppose I shoudn't tell you when I got home and cleaned the cob webs off the trap tie down straps 10 more live spiders came out of the little tie down balls. I'm glad you already volunteered for next year.

The Pats said...

Good job, Kerry! I agree with getting those ties off the canopy being unpleasant. I have the same job here of driving the pontoon to the landing and it's also about the only time all year I get behind the wheel so need the refresher course as well. Nice to have it all done for another year.