Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Results Are In!

Last week Jake came up and asked if I thought he should run for Student Council Representative in his class.  I asked if he wanted to and he shrugged.  Last year he ran, but didn't get voted in and he was so disappointed.  I was pretty sure he was afraid of the disappointment if he lost again.  When I asked him, he said he was.  I told him we would always be proud of him for trying for something he wanted and not getting it than for not trying at all.  He perked up and said he wanted to try.

He said he would need posters, fliers, and pins.

So, we got to work...I love modern technology!  I remember the days of sitting around, cutting circles by hand and hand-writing each pin.

Thursday night he practiced his speech (no longer than one minute...his was 40 seconds) over and over and over again.  I think we all had it memorized by night's end.

There were two spots open for his class and Friday was election day.  The teacher knew who was going in the first spot, but there was a tie for the second spot, so they had to wait through the weekend for some absent kids to get back to school so they could vote and then she would announce the winners.

Jake came home yesterday with a big smile on his face!  He said he was one of the representatives!  I asked what it meant (meaning mostly time commitment, etc.) and he said, "It means I need to be more responsible."

Bonus!  I'm all for that!  Congratulations, Jake!  We are very happy for you!


Aunt Missy Davenport said...

You got my vote!!! But I amin Iowa does that count???

Linda Rasmussen said...

Congratulations, Jake!!