Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bring It!

This fall has been incredible in terms of snowfall - or rather the lack thereof.  Mike began researching snow blowers in the fall because we were determined that THIS was the year we were going to get one of these bad boys.  Last winter did us in and the only saving grace was our neighbors' generosity in letting us borrow their's.

With every week that has passed with little to no snow, Mike has been thinking we've been sitting on a time bomb and he's just waiting for the sky to dump feet of the white stuff on us.  Research became more intense, especially when he finally decided on the model he wanted only to find out it was sent to the east coast when they got all the snow.  More research ensued and I was learning far more about snow blowers than I needed or wanted.

Enter tonight: Mike had made his decision and Home Depot had it in stock.  The heavens opened up and we heard angels sing.

Mike went to pick it up this evening and this 28", turn-on-a-dime machine is now happily residing in our garage in the spare spot he'd made room for weeks ago...

Mike said when he went to load it in the truck "Santa" was there to help.  He said the man was a dead ringer for Santa Claus and Mike had all he could do not to hug him and say, "Thank you!  Merry Christmas!" but he didn't think it would be appreciated.

Tonight at dinner Mike said - and I quote: "I actually hope we get two feet of snow."

Mark this day - Mike has NEVER wished for snow.  It's usually accompanied by cold and he's not a fan of either.  But, we are ready!

We also realize that because of this purchase we have virtually guaranteed no snow for the rest of winter.


Anonymous said...

What kind is it?

Carol said...

I'm liking the guarantee of no snow!