Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Rest of November

It's killing me not to be caught up with November and December.  So, this post will serve as what happened the rest of November.  The next post will be so far in December and wa-la!  We are to current time and I will have nothing to post about.

We had our first snowfall.  It was very late compared to last year, but the kids couldn't wait to get outside and start shoveling.

Doesn't this next picture look like a definite "brother" picture?  Don't worry - the sister half was equally prepared to fling a shovel-ful of snow his way!

Frankly, only a minor amount of shoveling actually happened.  The poor dog barely had a path to crawl through to do her doody duty.

In a related story: Mike has narrowed down the snow-blower model he would like to purchase - twice.  He's moved the bikes to hang from the ceiling and we are all ready for it's delivery - right after "we" figure out which one model wins out (all depending on when they arrive in stock).

Jake started basketball.  He's lucky #13 this year.  He has basketball once per week and most Saturday mornings.

He's enjoying himself and the games are fun to watch, but I think those gyms are colder than if they were playing outside!

We were serenaded one night with an impromptu duet.  There was no blood shed over this.

They both love to play my keyboard and fiddle with the sounds.  The down-side?  The other day I went to do some legitimate work on it and I couldn't figure out how the heck to get the normal sound back.  What makes matters worse is this is a very simple keyboard.  Read: minimal buttons.  I ended up turning the whole thing off and back on.  This took five minutes to find the power button.

And that is the rest of November.  We are only on Day 10 of December, but I'll be thrilled to be "caught-up" so I won't feel so bad when I get behind again.

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