Monday, December 5, 2011

Concert Night

As I mentioned previously, I was hired to accompany the Middle School choirs.  This is very enjoyable for me because I love to accompany.  The not-so-enjoyable side?  I wanted to send some of those 7th graders to detention every day.  I don't know how middle school teachers do it on a daily basis!

I spent almost every day in November at school.  Every other day I was involved in Maddie's class.  Before accepting the job I did talk with Maddie to make sure she wasn't going to be "so embarrassed" that her mom was in class.  She was okay with it, which was good because I really wanted the job. I think she did enjoy that every other day she also got to skip the bus and ride home with me.

The end of November was her concert.  On the days the kids were working together, there were some great sounds.  Her choir teacher and I were sure they could make a great sound at the concert, we just weren't sure they would.

Turns out they did.  They were incredibly talkative between songs, which I think they'll be working on for the next concert, but the music was great!

This year Maddie got to be a part of the Select Choir which, I think, she's really enjoyed.  The director pushes them to sing harder pieces than the other choirs.  One piece during this section was my absolute favorite; hard to imagine these were 6th & 7th graders!

At the end all the 7th graders came on-stage (about 250!) to sing a combined song.  The kids really liked this piece and they did a good job.  It's a huge choir and quite an undertaking to get them all together!

It was a great concert and I can't wait to hear their songs in February!

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