Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Two Hands!

Today is Jake's birthday!  Happy 10th!  Two hands - and, as he informed us - we are all now "two digits".

Last night when prompted what he wanted for breakfast he told us that if we wanted we could get him donuts.  And then bring them up to his room.  But not before 8am.  DO NOT wake him up before 8am.

This morning Mike headed to the donut shop.  We brought a tray up to Jake and sang happy birthday to him.  He said, "What time is it??"  Mike said, "Per your instructions it is after 8am...8:50."

Jake enjoyed his donut and orange juice...

(no he isn't old enough to drink coffee...)

And then he got to open his gifts.  I can't imagine that his Nerf Gun collection isn't completed yet...

He spent most of the day in his pajamas.  We finally got him dressed when we told him he could go spend his gift cards, and he and Mike have been watching their new favorite show, "Top Shot".

We are off to Chipotle, per his request...hopefully it's been a special day because he's a special kid!

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Carol said...

Happy Birthday Jake!

Love, Grandma