Monday, December 12, 2011

December Recap Thus Far

I went to pull out pictures for what we've accomplished in December.  There's a whopping three pictures - and two of those aren't even things we so much accomplished, as just plain old pictures.

We did see Santa.  We went to an open house a neighbor was having through his office and we got in the kids' yearly photo.  It is probably the worst photo I've taken Santa-wise (totally my fault) but I'm pretty sure the kids would mutiny if I suggested another visit to a local mall.  So, this is it...

Then there is the "Picture of the Day" project.  I'm DETERMINED that December will be the month that I actually take a picture every day.  I've had a lot of fillers every month.  December would be the only month I've taken an actual picture every. single. day.  I'll post more about this project after I check it off my list, but it's much harder than I originally anticipated.

Now, I actually did accomplish one thing I've been dreaming of.  I saw this scarf on the 'net and posted it to Pinterest.  (Can I just say - I love Pinterest!  Whereas I used to copy/paste ideas in a word document, this actually lets me "pin" a picture, then has a direct link back to it saving a lot of hassle on my part when I want to accomplish a project!)  

I digress...this is the scarf:

She actually made her scarf (one of those big loop things) from her friend's old flannel pants!  Gah!  After rummaged through our pile of flannel pants and finding nothing I liked, I went to Joann's and bought a yard of flannel I did like.  $4.56

Then I headed to my mom's to help her with a project.  Then I interrupted her project to insert my own because while there was a tutorial regarding this scarf, I wasn't sure I understood it.  My mom can sew anything and read/interpret and often times rewrite a pattern better so the Average Josephine can actually follow along.  

Then she just sewed it for me while I watched.  (Which I informed my dad was my secret plan all you, mom!)

It resulted in this:

I love it and it dressed up this super cheap, plain t-shirt just enough.  Next time I think I'd make it a little wider and shorter.  I also wouldn't iron the seams because it removed some fluff.  But, for a first effort I love it and plan to make a few more.

I would love to accomplish another project - Christmas related - before Christmas actually arrives.  Next week begins my vacation and I plan to get it done!  

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Stacey said...

Love the scarf! Think I can "secret plan" her too?