Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bird Banning

Mike IM'd me a few days ago and typed, "birds had nested in our microwave venting.  This is the end of nesting at the Murphy's."

Mike has had our stove fan running for the last couple days, hoping that would scare them off.  Didn't work.  Last night he had to clean everything out..

This involved a huge mess.  Straw, sticks, and feathers were everywhere.

Mike had to really work to get it cleaned out; those birds managed to pack that tiny area quite full!

He did get it cleaned out and there was a new vent cover put over it with a screen.  I'm headed to the siding store to buy a better model - and one that matches the house.  I've already chased away two birds this morning that stopped by our deck with a mouth full of straw.

Our dog?  Zero help.  No chasing them.  No barking at them.  She'll bark at everyone and everything else, but not birds.

And apparently, here's a birds-eye view of our house:

The straw and feathers were only part of the mess they've left behind:

Our other backyard windows are just as dirty.  Except they managed to get everything through to the screen as well.  Thank goodness those windows had been shut!

There is currently a nest under our deck.  We have a couple of those every year.  I'm fairly sure after this nest is fully taken care of that Mike will be planning how to finally get rid of the deck nests.  Mike joked that the children will be heartbroken.  But, as I informed Mike...we got them a dog.  That's all the animal planet we need.

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