Monday, August 6, 2012


At the beginning of summer we had a garage sale and sold all our patio furniture.  It included a few lounge chairs from around our pool and our outside dining table and chairs.  In simple terms: we've had nowhere to sit outside except the four remaining chairs around our fire pit.

While dreaming of what type of furniture we'd like, we thought we'd dream about a 3-season porch as well.  Well - those are kinda pricey!

After much searching that included I don't know how many trips to Lowe's hoping they would put the furniture on sale that we loved, we gave up on them and bought some furniture online from Home Depot.

We did purchase a gazebo from Lowe's that we've been trying to find time to install.  We were finally able to finish staining one half of our deck (too hot weather, and possible storms made that quite a wait!) and last weekend the boys got to work installing.

I got a call while on my way home from a funeral last Saturday.  It was Jake asking if I could pick up some McDonald's.  In case I had any reservations about getting them such a treat he followed it with, "We've been working really hard putting up this gazebo all morning."

They got Taco Bell which was even better according to them.

Jake had his own toolbox out and opened ready for use.  Mike was explaining why they were using some of the different tools they were using.

I was put right to work when I got home.  Some neighbors might have seen me out in heels, a skirt and dress blouse holding up some iron rails while these guys bolted them in.  Sorry I couldn't take pictures of that feat at the same time.

Their "foreman" was really a slave-driver.

So proud of these guys - actually reading directions!

The final product...

There is still one chair and ottoman on backorder.  We've spent a lot of time out there since setting up.  Mike, Maddie and I even spent about 30 minutes during a nice rain.  We read and visited and really enjoyed being outside and not getting wet.  Then the canopy started leaking and we headed back inside.  I've been put in charge of picking up some waterproofing spray in the next few days.

Maddie's waiting for when we can close the privacy curtains to keep out rain, or the netting to keep out bugs.  I'm waiting for when we get a chandelier to provide some light so I can read outside at night.  Maybe Maddie will be outside too and we'll close the netting and kill two birds with one stone.


Sue H said...

Love it!

The Pats said...

Looks very cozy and comfy - good job everyone!!

Sheri said...

That turned out so beautiful! I love it, and I love your choice of furniture too. Great job....all of you!