Friday, August 3, 2012

Playing Catch

Jake finished up his baseball a couple weeks ago.  They had a tournament of two games on a Saturday.  That particular Saturday was one of the really hot days we've had over the last month.  It was finally a game that I was attending that Jake was catching and he had wanted pictures so much!

(Full disclosure: I had actually taken an entire inning's worth of pictures at a previous game before realizing I had forgotten to put my card in the camera.  Rookie mistake.)

Before this year Jake's favorite two positions were catcher and pitcher.  While I still think pitcher ranks closer to the top than other positions, catcher is definitely his absolute favorite.

He's actually pretty good at it.  In his t-ball years he wasn't in a "hustle" kind of mood, but he knows that as catcher you sometimes have to be ready to move and throw.

I'm not sure how his knees will feel in a couple more years of this, but for now he really has fun behind the plate.

As I mentioned - that Saturday was crazy hot!  Being in all this gear didn't give him much chance to cool down.  All the dirt stuck to him like glue...that kid was filthy!

He starts "Fall Ball" in a few weeks and I'll be honest; I'm enjoying the respite from cleaning a baseball uniform!

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