Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Specs

At the end of July Jake had his yearly eye appointment.  He's been really good about wearing his eyeglasses.  According to the doctor he really didn't have much of a correction to begin with, but Jake has just felt better wearing his glasses at all times.

Forward to this year and we made an appointment to find out that his prescription hasn't changed a bit in one year!  I guess this is fairly rare for a kid his age, but that's how it turned out.

A couple hours later we were at the mall picking out a couple pairs of frames.  He likes to tell everyone that this pair was love at first sight for his mom.  It's true - when he put these on I thought, "That's it!  These are Jake!"  It took him a little longer to figure it out (after shopping through a different store) and possibly some reassurance from me, but he picked these out too.

These are actually adult glasses.  They kept trying to get him into the kids' section, which I understand.  Except, once he put those on...ugh!  They were SO small - and still the sales people were having a hard time steering us to the adult section.

He's pretty excited about them.  He got a second pair that are very similar, but on the cheaper side since they are the backup pair.  His first pair last year didn't last much into school because he wore them during gym class and smashed into a kid.  He's already said he's not wearing glasses during gym class and we are 100% behind that decision!

The doctor did tell me that there was a chance Jake's eyes will change when he goes through his next growth spurt, which usually happens around January for Jake.  Great...I was hoping to go through the shopping/paying for new glasses in only 5 months.

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Sheri said...

Jake has changed so much, it's just amazing. His face is looking older, and he's so handsome. I love the new glasses, and I have to say that the picture of him snuggled in to Sadie is my favorite. So sweet!