Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Organizing? Jake??

Today at lunch Jake was talking and mentioned how he LOVED to organize his iPod apps.

I stopped chewing and looked up.  What?!?  The words "organized" and "Jake" are not often in the same sentence unless we say, "Jake...could you be a little more organized?"

He kept talking about how great it was to organize all the apps into different pages and how he has things so organized he doesn't even need to swipe from page to page because all his apps can fit in their folders on one page.

So, I thought I would support this new found love and told him he could feel free to organize my iPod.  I have about seven pages worth of apps (most that I never use).  He thought that was going to be awesome and sat right down to do it while his lunch heated up.

Why doesn't this happen in his room?  If I could make his room cleaning into a video game it would be spotless, I'm convinced of it.

In short order I had an immaculately organized iPod with folders of like-apps together.  He was shocked that I had so many apps he had to create more folders than basic ones and rename them.  My apps fit across three pages whereas his all fit on one.  That's probably due to the fact that I really had him organizing those folders onto different pages so I could keep things separate.  I think he liked my folder "crap" the best.  It's where all apps that I can't delete go to hang out for virtual eternity.  Or at least until Apple Inc. decides to let me delete whatever I feel necessary rather than what they deem necessary.  Big Brother.

We have been pretty lax this summer about iPod/Phone time so this is a pretty common sight in our house.  That will change with the coming school year. It might be a rude awakening for a couple kids in our house, but real chores are going to come first, not virtual ones.

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Sheri said...

Can anyone say "Mini Mike" and "Spread-Sheets"??? Oh..My..Gosh! So cute. And I love love love how much that boy loves his colors. He is awesome sauce!