Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Tuesday night Maddie and Jake were playing Hide and Seek with Sadie.  Seriously, we were in charge of keeping the dog up in the family room while they hid - mostly in the basement.  When we told her "go get them" Sadie ran downstairs and sniffed 'em out.

At one point Maddie headed downstairs after Jake.  Pretty soon Mike and I heard some very loud crying/wailing and realized it wasn't play.  We raced downstairs and Maddie was on the ground sobbing and holding her leg.  We tried to get her calmed down and Mike started looking at her foot.  She hadn't been running down the stairs, but somehow at the bottom had tripped.  She said she couldn't wiggle her toes - at one point she said she couldn't even feel her toes.  She could barely stand to have him touch any part of it.

He carried her upstairs.  Jake was already upstairs being great and getting some ice ready.  We got her to the couch where we propped her foot on a pillow and she started sobbing all over again because it was so painful.  She really wanted ice when we suggested the ER.  When we couldn't even put ice on her foot without her crying all over again we told her we were headed to the ER.

A set of x-rays later and the doctor determined it wasn't broken.  He said that her ankle was fine, but that the top of her foot was severely sprained.  He said kids heal pretty quick and thought she would be much better in 3-4 days of laying around on the couch and using a walking shoe for necessary walking.

While we were sitting in the room waiting Maddie realized she was in her pajamas (Jake was also in PJs, but had already realized it and moved on).  Maddie looked at us and said, "Gosh...I hope they don't want to examine anything - I'm not wearing any underwear!"

Mike, very seriously, said, " neither."

Maddie's eyes got huge and she said, "What?!?"  Mike informed her he was kidding - but it was good comic relief for the three of us sitting on the sidelines to see her expression!

Today was day one of sitting around.

During breakfast I received a phone call on my cell...from Maddie...who was upstairs in her room.  She needed help getting to the bathroom.

During a coffee break for Mike and I my phone rang again.  I answered, "Room Service".  Maddie was downstairs wondering if she could have some orange juice. 

I can't imagine how traumatic this would all be without the modern convenience of her phone!

Jake's been great and in good humor about most of this.  But as of about 5pm he was done with most of the sympathy.  She'd pretty much milked everything from him.  She was upstairs and looked at him and nicely asked, "Jake, could you go downstairs and get my phone for me?"  His reply?  "No."

Volleyball starts next week.  The doctor was fairly certain she'd be okay by then, as long as she kept icing on a regular basis and stayed off it for a bit. 

Maybe tomorrow to kill some time I'll paint her toenails.


Aunt Missy said...

Glad to read that your foot isn't broke. Nice look. Love ya, Aunt Missy

Carol said...

Ouch, Ouch, Ouch. Maddie, at least you had some really cut pj's on.

Carol said...

Oops, that's suppose to say cute pj's.

Sheri said...

Wow, so glad that it wasn't a break. I know how much Maddie has practiced for her volleyball over the summer! "Feel better soon Maddie"!