Friday, February 22, 2013

Completely Unrelated

1.)  You may have seen this picture in our weekly update from last week:

I typed a note that this is Sadie's favorite hangout.  It has been for the last couple months, though I guess it depends on the time of day.  If it's sunny out, she prefers to spend her mornings laying right in the middle of the walkway through our family room/kitchen area.  There is a bright spot of light that I would guess is really warm and she lays claim to that warmth.

However, most of the other parts of the day you will find her sprawled out behind our couch OR MOST LIKELY on the top step leading to our basement.  She takes the entire step because she actually stretches her front and back legs out.  When you walk by she stays like that and just her eyes follow you - it's sort of creepy.

If you actually want to go down the steps?  That's a big first step because SHE DOESN'T MOVE!!  You have to squeeze your foot to the right or left against the wall, or completely step over her.  It's super awesome when you are carrying the extra groceries to the fridge downstairs and your arms are full.

2.)  I have found this ad amusing all week:

It's from the Joann Fabrics Ad.  Does anyone else find this bag ridiculously huge?  I showed it to Jake and he said, "It looks like a Mary Poppins Bag!"  It's so big she could pull anything out of it.  It might even swallow her.  I can't even imagine how heavy it could get.  I bet those wood handles digging into the top (and bottom) of her shoulder are so comfy!

But then Jake and I actually read the description:

I don't think she's sneaking anything in anywhere anytime soon.  I also don't think this bag stands a chance of being less conspicuous than a little yarn tote.

3)  I think we would all really like a snow day.  One of my students came in dejected last night for his piano lesson.  The snow we were supposed to get hadn't even started - anyone around here assumes that means there is no chance for a snow day following.  The first thing he said when he entered: "We are NEVER going to get a snow day," followed by the saddest face I've seen in a long time.

This morning Jake told me that the weathermen needed to just stop reporting that we were going to get snow because they hype it up, then we only get a few inches and everyone's hopes are dashed.

At this point of winter everyone just needs a mental health day.


Carol said...

I'm still holding out hopes of getting snowed in but I want everyone at my house when that happens for party time!

Sue H said...

I must watch too much late-night TV. My first thought was you could smuggle a body out in that bag...