Friday, May 23, 2008

Babysitting the little 'uns

Yesterday Tracy's kids came over to play and have lunch with us while Tracy had a meeting. Austin & Jake play well together, and Tracy informed me from a couple days before that she noticed how Jake and Austin are much more rough and tumble than they used to be. She wasn't kidding! While they still play great together, the occasional wrestling tournament does exist now. In between - we still managed to enjoy a few quiet moments:

Jake wanted to read Austin the book - actually read to him. Austin just giggled along with the funny story. Then "Word World" came on and both boys were mesmerized in their pillow fort.

Then there was Ellie. She was so happy to just be walking around the ottoman...and around...and around. And then when I pulled out the camera, I kid you not - that girl started to light up even more - and I think she almost was posing at some points.

But poor Ellie - it was getting late and she was getting so tired. At one point while sitting on my lap I started to notice her whole body droop, then prop up very quickly. Then droop, bolt up. I told Jake to watch her and we realized she was falling asleep sitting up. We were thoroughly entertained watching her battle her sleepiness!

Right before Tracy got there Austin told me, "It's been nice that you invited me to your house." This kid is always welcome with manners like that!

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Tracy said...

Ahhhh, shucks. Aren't they cute :) I'm not biased at all. Those are great pics of Ellie, I might have to get some copies of those! It's nice to hear that Austin has manners when he is other places! Although he does good at home, you always wonder if it carries over when he's at other places.