Thursday, May 8, 2008

Jumping In...

To say I'm a little leery about posting one of these things - that might be an understatement. My new greatest fear may become that I will go weeks with nothing to write, and out of obligation I will post the weather changes (I am from Minnesota - and we do love to watch the weather!).

I've thought about this for a couple days - I think it's going to start out pretty general. Yep, I'll definitely post about the family - that's a given. But, it may morph some days into my general thoughts for the day. Warning: I can have some pretty random thoughts. Maybe it will cover the crafts I love to do or learn about (new ideas arrive weekly to me, much to Mike's chagrin). It may cover the home improvements we seem to undergo constantly.

Hopefully if not at least slightly entertaining it will keep everyone updated on us Murphy's.


Sheri said...

Yay!! I love hearing about your family! Pictures too. So much for our Valentine's breakfast. Should we try for Citizenship Day on Sept. 17th? t-hee

samantha said...

I am like sheri because i love to hear about the family.
I love to see the pictures of the family also.
so Yay!! You will have a great blog and i enjy it.
I am going to get one when i am older. I would have alot of fun with it. I hope!?!?!