Monday, May 19, 2008

Musical Geniuses

This past Sunday Maddie performed her own piano recital. My students had their recital a couple weeks ago. However, Maddie had the stomach flu and was not able to play in it. Jake had just been to the ER for his own bit of stomach flu (had to get "refueled" so he'd stop throwing up) but recuperated in time to play in the recital. He did great for his first recital!

My parents, and our friends, the Menzhuber's, from church all came up to the balcony after the service to hear Maddie. She did a lovely job. Jake couldn't stand not letting everyone hear his pieces also; it was a good thing his mom had looked into her crystal ball to know that would happen. I had packed his music as a precaution.

Jake played "Star Wars" and "Wagons on the Plains". Madison performed "Music Box Melody" and "The Wild Horseman". I intended to include a video of each of them playing. However, I'm not that savy yet in hooking things up so that won't be happening. We'll try again next year.


samantha said...

Kerry that is a great blog.I love it. I think you did a great job on it. I love the pictures of the kids! I hope that it is a great experiece for yout to try.

Kerry said...

Samantha - I'm glad you checked it out! Hopefully we'll be able to keep you guys updated much easier!