Thursday, May 29, 2008

Digital Crafting

Last night I decided I really needed to get some scrapbooking or card making done. I went to stamp, and then realized that my roll of paper towels was AWOL. All my crafting stuff is currently upstairs in our room and the rolls of towels are downstairs in our laundry room. I was just too lazy to want to go downstairs to get them, so I decided to update my screen saver instead. I do this by digitally scrapbooking. I justified this in my head that I was really accomplishing something that needed to be done (it was about #356 on my to-do list). But, at the same time I was fulfilling my crafting cravings.

I really do like to play around on the computer and do this digital stuff. No, my hands don't get all messy and so I don't think there's any chance of me giving up the paper scrapping completely. But, making new screen-savers for Mike and I and stalking my family at Christmas or births to make announcements gets me through just fine.

So - here's what I had on my screen:

And here's the new screen saver:

This picture is actually taken from last August. I realized when going through my pictures that I desperately need to take the kids out and get some updated pictures of them together. But, this is one of my favorites and always makes me smile - so it's perfect for me to look at whenever I open up the laptop - which is about 25 times a day. That's a lot of smiles!

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Samanatha said...

I love the screen saver or the scapbooking pages are a great! I think that you did a great job.