Thursday, May 15, 2008

Target Comes Through Again!

I had no idea that kids could eat so much cereal. Ridiculous amounts, honestly. At least it's that way with my kids. In the past year they've each started eating multiple bowls of cereal - like 3 bowls each, and that's me cutting them off each morning. The other problem we run into is two-fold. My kids only like a limited number of cereals. Refrain: Maddie likes ONE type of cereal. Jake is a little more open-minded and has narrowed his choices to about 3 or 4 types. During the course of the school year Maddie discovered she really only likes "Cocoa-Pebbles" - that chocolate rice krispy stuff. Jake is highly preferential to Cocoa Puffs, but will also gobble up Cheerios, Chex, and Cocoa Pebbles as well. Sure, I can toss in the occasional Lucky Charms or even regular Rice Krispys - but consistently? They'd vote in a new mom first.

So the second part of that problem is cost. Good golly cereal is expensive. And at 3 bowls times 2 kids times 7 days a week? I finally put a kabosh on the expensive stuff and told them they'd have to try the store brand. I cringed at first because - I guess I'm a cereal snob, but I thought it would taste different. Turns out they like it just as much. The best part? Cub's brand is about $2 per box compared to $2.50 (with the coupon). The downside was for Jake - no Cocoa Puff generic. He was stuck eating Cocoa Rageous ("Cocoa Pebbles" remake) with Maddie each morning.

Enter Target. (Cue singing angels!) While perusing their cereal aisle I came across their generic brand a few weeks ago of "Cocoa Pebble/Cocoa Rageous". It was $1.67!!!!! Same size box! I think I bought 4 of them. Unfortunately they didn't have the Cocoa Puff generic either. But, for the last few weeks, I've been treking to Target for our cereal. A couple days ago I was there and lo and behold - GENERIC COCOA PUFFS! I was up for mom of the year on this find! It too was $1.67. However - sadly the Cocoa Rageous/Cocoa Pebbles-whatever Target calls it is now at $1.77. I apologize to everyone else who buys this and saw the price hike. I'm certain it was due to our bulk purchases of it. I did pick up the generic Lucky Charms for $1.77 (marshmallows are expensive). I also got their version of Rice Krispy's - I think $1.67.

I know many people are thinking, "You Fool! Sam's Club! Cheaper yet!" I agree with cost comparisons, but the bags annoy me and I don't have space to store those giant boxes. And for some reason once the cereal comes out of the box, my kids think it has cooties and stop eating from them.

So, while most households are going green - we're going red.
On a side note - I have an ear infection. Now - not a lot of adults get ear infections, but us Smith's are medical anomalies. Mike picked up my meds yesterday. HORSE PILLS! I'm not kidding - these things are HUGE. I actually held it up against my thumb - they are as long as my thumb tip to my thumb knuckle and as wide as my thumb nail. I know - super scientific. Really - I told my sister that if these were given to old people in nursing homes they would die of fright! I showed everyone at dinner last night. The kids sat gaping as I put one in my mouth to swallow. I think they thought I was going to choke. Mission accomplished though - down the hatch it went.

Then I read the label - must take with food. Guess I better go buy another box of cereal.

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Samantha said...

Wow, I guess that Target really does come through. So wow that's alot of cereal for two little kids to eat. I couldn't eat three bowels of cereal.
So i guess that cereal is expensive? I didn't think that cereal was expensive, but i guess it is.
I have added a comment to this one because I thought that this artical was very interesting.
I have to go i will probably be on your blog every two days. So that after you are on it and maybe add more things on it i would be able to add more comments to it.