Saturday, May 10, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Can anyone even tell me how many days has produced the sun. I miss shadows!
All week long actually, we've been anticipating the rain. Whenever the kids were inside we have been telling them, "Get out! Play outside! The rain is coming at some point this week!"
Yesterday Jake and I took advantage of the weather and went to the park for a bit.
Jake's bike had an accident a week ago - and none of it was his fault which he likes to remind us. Maddie (for some unknown and not fully investigated reason) was riding his bike. Mike was loading his truck and went inside for literally 15 seconds and came out and backed up. In that 15 seconds Maddie returned and dropped Jake's bike on the ground right behind the truck. One of the tires took a beating, as did Mike's heartbeat. Until we get this fixed/replaced, Jake's one-legging it on the scooter!

Jake was pretty excited to master this move all by himself this year - proof he's getting taller! (Wow! - That is some glare off that belly!) He wanted to make sure dad saw this picture IMMEDIATELY when we got home. And, sure enough, it was the first thing he ran upstairs to show Mike when we arrived home...and AFTER we had put the scooter in the garage...where all things with wheels are supposed to go.

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Samantha said...

Well, If i were Jake i would ask maddie why she would put the bike there. Then I would have said " I forgive you on what you did to my bike.