Sunday, January 11, 2009

Afternoon project

Sunday afternoon mom and I tackled an "afternoon project" that I'd been talking about for awhile. And you know what? It really did only take us an afternoon! (NOT always the case!)

We recovered the chairs in my piano studio. There are four chairs (only two are matching) and most had been covered in a cream textile of some sort. The fourth chair is inherited from my grandma and it had a green fabric that, surprisingly, matched the room fairly well. But, all had gotten either dingy, faded, or just was outright ripping. In other words, not pretty.

So, we headed to Joanne's (currently having a fabric sale) and I found some great fabric that I loved and was pretty sure would go terrific between the colors in the living room and piano studio. Unfortunately I didn't take any 'before' pictures...that thought crossed my mind between stretching and stapling fabrics, but I was too engrossed to stop.

So, here's the finished project! I just love them - I love how the colors look against the dark chairs, and the dark floor! AND...there's enough material leftover that I should be able to fashion some type of valance for the window in that same room! We've been playing around with design ideas and have some that would require only a tiny bit more material so it stretched the length we need. I was only short by about 6 inches.

Still...this really did turn out to be one of those projects that is usually advertised as easy, and one that went surprisingly smooth once we figured out the process!

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Sue H said...

Oooh, nice work! Almost makes me want to come and take a lesson.