Thursday, January 22, 2009

Big Problem

This week I started and finished knitting a hat for Jake. I was really pretty excited about the results and how fast it was done. I thought I'd start making hats for everyone. Jake had picked out the colors and was excited to see the finished product.

Last night my knitting-guru at church helped me figure out how to seam the edges so it was, in fact, a circle and I was able to complete it.

Jake was excited this morning to try it on....

Small problem. Or rather, too large of a problem. Oh well, I was afraid this might happen. It's actually a man's hat, but on the model it looked kind-of small on the guy...barely touched his ears. So, I asked Mike what he thought and he thought it would be fine for Jake.

So I guess we'll say this is Mike's fault because the knitting part is actually pretty awesome.

PS: Jake didn't actually wear this to school...he thought he might want to, but we convinced him to wait a year...or 10.

1 comment:

missy said...

Cool look Jake, Steven really liked it he has it for his backgound on the computer. So if you do make another hat he would like one maybe cardinals color.