Thursday, January 15, 2009

Maddie, IT'S COLD

This morning getting dressed I told the kids to really dress warm because it was going to be very cold at the bus stop or just in general.

Maddie came into my room in cotton pants and a cotton shirt. I looked at her and explained that it was REALLY cold...not a great choice and suggested jeans and a sweatshirt.

So she re-entered my room in jeans...and a DIFFERENT cotton shirt. I just looked at her and gave her my best, "are you kidding?" look and she got all exasperated and said, "Aaah...fine...I'll wear a sweatshirt too."

Then she came back and asked if I could put her hair into two pig-tails. Usually she likes these lower so I figured that was fine. Except the pig-tails changed into a bun. She's maybe asked for a bun one other time for school...why today? I told her a bun would probably fall out after wearing a hat, so instead she wanted two braids that go into a ponytail. Good idea, to me. So, I braided the front and sides and met them in the back for a small ponytail. No...she wanted ALL her hair in a ponytail. Again, I reminded her "it's NEGATIVE 27 degrees - this means you have no hair covering your neck outside." That was okay with her because her jacket would cover her neck.

So I went downstairs where I relayed this all to my mom who is laughing (or possibly reliving the past...) and Maddie comes down wearing a sweatshirt, but her hair looks funny. So, I asked what she did to it. "I sprayed it with water so it wouldn't get messy." I was behind Maddie and I looked at my mom and did a silent scream (and mom was thoroughly enjoying this) and calmly explained that that was not the greatest idea in weather like this....

So, Maddie (getting antsy) says, "can we just get dressed and go outside and play while we are waiting?" Mom is barely able to contain the giggles at this point and I said, "MADISON. It. is. minus. 27. degrees!!!! If you were to put your head in our freezer it STILL wouldn't be as cold as it is outside. This isn't weather that you play out in. It's actually dangerous to be outside too long. NO."

Can you even imagine how the day would have gone had they actually canceled school???

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