Saturday, January 3, 2009

One Show After Another

On Friday afternoon Maddie, Tracy, my mom and I went to the Ordway to see "White Christmas". We found a parking spot a couple blocks away and had to do a little light jogging to make it there on time. On the way, mom's shoe caught a cobblestone that was higher than the others and she fell. She managed to shake it off and keep up with everyone and we arrived on time.

The show was great. We were probably five rows from the front so we got to really see these great costumes and everything up close. It was a very enjoyable holiday afternoon.

However, sitting for 2 1/2 hours did nothing but tighten up the muscles in mom's back where she had wrenched something; she was sore. We had reservations at Pazzaluna and walked there nice and slow since we had plenty of time.

Upon arriving - we all (minus Maddie) ordered Chocolatinis. Good drink. Yum. STRONG drink. Wow. I was driving, so knew I was going to be limited to one. It's definitely a sipping drink - mom didn't think so. I was fairly impressed with how fast that first one went down. The waitress took that glass away and when mom went to take another sip she was disappointed that the waitress had taken her drink! Tracy informed her that she'd already finished the drink - mom didn't remember drinking it that fast. I think that may have been the point that Tracy and I both realized that this was going to be quite an enjoyable evening with mom.

By the time our table was ready, mom ordered another round for herself and Tracy. Unfortunately Maddie slept through most of dinner - she said she thinks the loud music is what gave her a headache. Mom said her back was feeling much better and ordered another drink for herself. Tracy was still working on finishing number two, with no intention of making it to three.

So, there was lots of laughing throughout dinner. Lots - it's probably a good thing we were in the corner. Tracy said mom would have been a hoot to have around in college. Then the bill arrived and Tracy jokingly asked mom if she needed help with the math. Mom assured Tracy she wasn't that tipsy and proceeded to fill out the bill. Let's just say it was a good thing we were there - or that would have been one HAPPY waiter. Mom filled out the bill for $118 - I informed her the math should have been $108. She wasn't following so Tracy told her she needed to make a zero -

and that's exactly what mom did:

That's right. Someone was about to get a $1000 New Year Bonus.

The drive home was full of laughter. Tracy thought it would be very entertaining to come home with us instead of being dropped off, but home she went. As we were pulling into our driveway I informed mom that she was going to have to get out before I got into the garage because there wasn't enough space to open the car door. So, mom proceeded to get out of the truck, and shut the door. However her purse caught in it and she was pulled backward a bit. She just opened the door, looked at me and started laughing. I told her to shut the door...AND DON'T MOVE. She did and Maddie said, "I think Grandma has had a little too much to drink tonight."

So a very entertaining day came to an end. I don't know if we'll be able to top it next year.

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