Thursday, January 8, 2009

Morning Gripes

I think one of the perks of winter (and this will scream "non-commuter") is the darker mornings; my kids tend to rise with the sun. Hence...if the sun is absent, they sleep in later. I can usually depend on Jake lately to just have me wake him on a school day and Maddie is about 50/50 in getting herself up.

This morning I went into Jake's room and woke him up. He did the usual stretching and grabbing for the covers and commenced the usual morning conversation - except with a little additional comment:

Jake: Ugh. Why do I have to get up SO early [7:25]. You are always making me wake up earlier and earlier.
Me: Jake I let you sleep in 5 minutes later today.
Jake: It's just hard getting up in the morning.
Me: I's great to be able to snuggle under the covers and get up on your own time.
Jake: Yeah...I'm just boneless in the morning.

And that's where I did a double-take. Boneless? There's a few angles I could take here, I guess, so I was hesitant to ask what he was talking about.

After a couple seconds though I helped him stand up, but he was about ready to fall on the floor and I said, "Jake...come on...time to stand up."

And then he said - "But mom, I'm boneless."

And then I got it. I breathed a little sigh of relief too. All he meant was he felt sluggish and droopy in his bones. THAT I could sympathize with.

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