Monday, January 26, 2009

Embracing the Cold

On Friday when Jake got home he really wanted to go outside and play. It was cold on Friday, and we tried to tell him this, but he had work to do and wasn't going to be deterred. So, he bundled up after practicing piano and headed outside.

After about 15 minutes of him out there I went to check on how he was doing. And, true to his word, he was hard at work....

He's building a snowball holder for future snowball fights. He's really proud of this so far and has worked hard. Not only was it about -7 degrees when I went outside, but a lot of the plowed snow had melted, then refrozen so he was really trying to dig through half snow-half ice conditions.

When I suggested that he come in, he said he really didn't want to, "Don't you think I'm working really hard?" I agreed he was, but that it was also really cold. So, I gave him 15 minutes more because he was having a good time and really? I appreciate the fact that he can go out and have fun in minus-something weather. I'm actually really glad that he can do that.

A friend and I were talking about winter in Minnesota and how you could either embrace that it will come and go along with what you know will happen or you could fight it, but it makes for a little more miserable 6-7 months. I happen to really like winter. And I'm thrilled that someone in my family agrees with me; Mike and Maddie prefer summer.

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