Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Beach Bum

Last week Mike was in Florida. Lucky bum. We were here slaving away while he was off on the beach and ocean wiling away the afternoons.

Okay - maybe not quite, but he did manage to have some fun. They were scheduled to go fishing for something bigger than a Large Mouth Bass but due to high winds couldn't make it. Instead they ended up on some boat looking at dolphins.

I know...I can hear the mini-violins playing their sad song.

Mike doesn't claim to be the resident photographer, and he didn't have our best camera with him. He was getting frustrated with only catching the tops of the occasional dolphins that swam by his boat (apparently there were few of those...they were mostly hanging out by the other boats).

He did see some other friends though and was thoroughly impressed by the size of the Pelicans. (How's that for some bird-watching, Sue?)

He called us that night and said Jake would be excited because he got a great picture of a pirate ship. I believe it was more tourist than Somalian though.

He was there Monday through Thursday. He says he worked, but it couldn't have been much. He didn't leave here until around noon on Monday, was on/at the ocean all day Tuesday. He did work on Wednesday, but he was on a plane by 1pm on Thursday.

All that and he still came back as white as he left. That's almost embarrassing.

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Great pics.