Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cleaning Machines

Mike was up at 6:40 this morning to be to the Runchey's to help with their new fence. I didn't have to play for church today so the kids and I lounged around all morning. Maddie read in bed, Jake read downstairs and I was reading/getting dressed/moving slow. At 11am I decided we should eat something and after that get to work.

So, we started cleaning. Jake's finally growing accustomed to the idea that he is in charge of his room and that we (Mike and I) are not responsible for cleaning it. He used to wail, scream, stomp his feet and pout with his arms folded. This morning he just went upstairs without saying a word and got to work. There are some things you miss as your kids get older. The whining and crying stages are not in that category!!

I went to work downstairs and by the time I got upstairs to check on them, I found Jake in his room:

Apparently to get through it all he had to dress for the part.

Both kids were released from my custody at 3pm today to go enjoy the rest of the day with friends. They deserve it.

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