Monday, June 1, 2009

Little Dips

Today I think I'll tag-team where Tracy left off on her blog.

After digging holes in their backyard for their soon-to-be-fence the crew came here where we had scarfed down some pizza so we could head outside before it rained.

Austin was ready so fast I didn't even see him get outside. He was chaperoned though (before anyone thinks four adults let him run amuck around a pool). Ellie was next in her cute little suit. But the kicker was when Tracy attempted to put goggles on her.

We all had a few chuckles over that one. Ellie wasn't thrilled with having them on, but she was less thrilled when anyone approached her to take them off. She figured it out on her own shortly enough. Rob tried them on after that. There's no picture, unfortunately, but rest assured we all now know who Ellie gets her stunning goggle look from.

And it was Riley's first time in the pool. Mike and I tag-teamed with Riley while Rob and Tracy tag-teamed with Austin and Ellie. Clearly we had the easier job! Riley did pretty well. She had a constant look of "what size bathtub is this?" (Because I'm sure that's the full sentence every 9-month old puts together.) But, she got excited enough to kick around and was splashing by the end of the adventure. As someone who wants to be the favorite aunt, hopefully she puts those skills to use during the next bath session at home!

And then it was time to get everyone out. Quickly. It was COLD. There was a good, chilly breeze and none of us wanted to be out of the 87 degree water longer than necessary!

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