Friday, June 19, 2009

Fuh'-get About It Fridays!

My friend Jonda introduced me to this blog. This lady is a photographer, so I mostly go to see her photos and dream of someday taking pictures like hers. But, she is kinda funny too, so I do skim through her posts. She has a blog some Mondays where she reviews what most moms would be horrified to admit they did during the prior week. I thought it sounded kind of cathartic so I may try to do a few of them. The first being today.

1. I may have turned on the iron, set out all the clothes to be ironed, then walked over to my computer to check blogs/emails while it warmed up. 20 minutes later I may have walked back to the iron and realized not only had it warmed up, but had shut off after the auto-7 minute use delay.

2. It just might have taken me 30 minutes to realize Jake didn't call me after arriving at his friend's house that is less than a 5 minute walk away.

3. It's possible that I jumped the gun on assuming our dryer was kaput. It wasn't drying anything after one cycle. I might have brought Mike into the laundry room to look at it and he might have just stared at me and turned the knob from "delicate" to "normal" and walked back out shaking his head.

4. When a large box arrived for Maddie or Jake, I may have secretly wished it was for Maddie just so that Jake would have to learn the art of patience. I know to be careful what you wish for so I might have only wished this because I knew a second box would be arriving for Jake later in the week.

5. There's a slight chance that I went out and left the front hose on a bush to water it, despite the fact that there was a chance for rain that day (who actually trusts weathermen?). 5 hours later Mike might have come inside (from the rain) and asked how long I had been watering the bush. "Bush?....?....!!!!"

And now - having reviewed the list I realize it was quite a scatter-brained week for me personally. There might have been some parenting moments that weren't stellar, but apparently I have no problem forgetting about them!

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That's the best you got! Amateur.